Bold Crew

This page is dedicated to showcasing bold people. Mavericks. Nonconformists. Rare birds.

Selling cold black coffee to a nation of hot milky tea drinkers is a bold move, these are the influencers who inspired our mission.

Alex Sears

Alex Sears is the frontman for the band Decade, and recently founder of the clothing brand Death & Milk. In the past few months, Alex has taken a backseat from his, already successful band, and moved towards an illustrative pursuit with Death & Milk.

Like his music, his illustrations are distinct, dark and eerie. The designs are stylistically consistent, and it’s evident he has no room for budging. We find Alex’s unwavering theme admirable, and I’m sure his large, and increasing, following would agree. 

Alex was also the winner of our T-Shirt competition, and you will soon be able to buy the T-Shirt designed on our website. In the meantime, check his insta @deathandmilk_



James Hunter

James Hunter is the owner of Hunter and Sons, the highly reputed speciality coffee and craft beer bar. James’ ethos for the establishment is uncompromising in every sense, offering the greatest coffee and beer on the planet without exception, a dramatic twist on the usual café offering. Most cafés focus on “the customer is always right” and “have it your way”, Hunter and Sons is proudly saying “we know what we’re doing, please listen to our recommendation”. From this, Hunter and Sons have a cult like following and some hilarious one star trip advisor reviews.

This mindset is bold and counterintuitive, everything that we hope Antler & Bird represents, we know our product, we’re proud of it, and we’re not prepared to devalue our product to appeal to a larger audience. 

James has unshakeable determination. By the age of 27, he has been a team GB athlete, successful model, father, and proud owner of his brainchild Hunter and Sons.


Daniel Chadwick

Daniel Chadwick is an internationally recognised sculptor, designer and inventor. His artwork focuses on poetically making the invisible forces of physics, visible. He's most famously known for his mobiles which gracefully move using balance and kinetic and solar powered energy. In 2013, Daniel won a D&AD Product Design award for his "Chadwick Oven", a pizza oven that is a harmony of aesthetics and efficacy. Daniel is a daring artist, who proves that risk-taking and confidence create success.